Issue #17, Big Bang Special

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Merlin: Call Me Wart and Die!
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Merlin: Husband & Husband

Merlin/Arthur Drabble Awards - Spring 2010 Winners

The results have been tallied, awards created, and now it's finally time to announce the winners of the first round of the Merlin/Arthur Drabble Awards. Thanks to all of our participants, to katerina_black and icedcandy for helping me verify votes, and also to lastwrite and samsamtastic for creating the award graphics!

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Thoughts for Next Round

The winning drabbles for this round will not be eligible for nominations in the next round, but I've stumbled over so many wonderful drabbles since nominations closed that I hardly believe that will be a problem. In the meantime I'm examining the experiences of this round and trying to gather ideas for improvement. Do you believe that the thematic approach works for drabbles? Do you have any ideas for how the awards could be restructured so as to invite more nominations? The next round is tentatively set to begin accepting nominations in October, so there is plenty of time to make your suggestions!


Issue # 13

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Merlin (BBC), Merlin: Merlin/Arthur

Vote for the Merlin/Arthur Drabble Awards - Spring 2010

The nominations are in! We have 29 nominations in 10 categories and now need you to take the time to read through the nominations and make your votes. Each category has been assigned a textual poll. Go through each category at your leisure and submit your votes as you go along.

P.S. Because a few of my own drabbles have been nominated, I will be asking katerina_black to help me verify votes in order to ensure fairness. If she is unable to help, I will put out a call for assistance when the polls close.


Voting Begins: 25 April 2010
Voting Closes: 25 May 2010
Winners Announced: 1 June 2010


  • You must be logged in to LJ or OpenID to vote.
  • LJ users should use the polls to vote. This will speed the vote counting considerably.
  • OpenID users should submit their votes in reply to this post. All comments will be screened.
  • You should vote for only one drabble in each category with the exception of Overall Best Drabble, which permits you to select three.
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If anyone would be interested in creating some awards graphics, please comment this entry or send me a private message. I have enough help now, thank you!

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